From South to Middle East

I wanted to do my first A359 flight. I decided to go from Cape Town(South Africa) to Dubai.

Aircraft: A350-900
Time:8 hours 30 min

At gate waiting for passengers

Starting up

Takeoff on runway 19L

Cruising at FL260

Entering Saudi Arabia

In Dubai

On final runway 30L


That’s it, please say which one is your favourite, thank you;)


Wait for it…

I love that frontal view in picture 6!


Thanks, I like it too

Lovely pictures :)

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Great photos - I absolutely loved them!

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Great photos, love the creativity with your choice of angles.

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Wow! You’ve got some beautiful pics. Love all the angles and scenery. Keep it up!

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Hey! Great photos. I love 5 and 6.

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Thanks guys

Very nice shots mate!

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lovely pics the 5th one is the best

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I love the window view! It’s impressive how you use the free cam.

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Thanks, I try to make it interesting.

The sharklet shot is amazing!

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I love t he photos my favorite was the takeoff

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Love picture 3!

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