From Snow to Snow.. Literally

Yesterday I flew from Minneapolis to Detroit after a short 1hour 20 minute layover from Denver. I connected on all things the Delta B737-900ER, This flight was very smooth sailing at 37,000 feet.

  1. Expert Server
  2. Flight Time: 2hours 15 mins ( 10 minutes early. )
  3. Delta B737-900

All captions apply to the photo below.

  1. Climbing out of St. Paul after stopping briefly at the de-icing pad

  2. Tail Shot over the suburbs of Milwaukee :)

  3. On short final for Runway 12R at MSP.

The landing was ugly so I don’t have a pic of that :o
Which photo do you like the most? :)

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Wow, awesome photos @PilotChrisSG! I really like #1 and 2.

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