From Runway to Reality: fiVeleVelsdoWn's Authentic Route Challenge!

Welcome, all Infinite Flight pilots!

Calling all aviators! I’ve come up with an exhilarating challenge that will take our Infinite Flight experience to new heights. Prepare to embark on an epic adventure as we delve into real-world routes with unwavering authenticity. Let’s soar like never before!

Here’s the scoop: I’m diving deep into realism by flying a single plane per airline on their actual, unique routes. Imagine conquering each and every Delta A320 route, faithfully replicating their real-life operations within the Infinite Flight universe.

But wait, there’s a twist that makes this challenge even more captivating. I’m aiming to ensure that no routes are duplicated throughout my endeavor. It adds an extra layer of complexity and authenticity to our virtual exploration, making each flight a distinct and memorable experience.

I’ll be posting the airline, type and departure/destination prior to the flight, so keep an eye out!

Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Share your insights, propose modifications, or simply express your interest in taking flight with me. Let’s ignite our passion for Infinite Flight and embark on an unparalleled virtual experience! I’d like to begin before the middle of the month, so let’s get ready to fly!

Blue skies and smooth landings to all!

We should start with the A airlines in alphabetical order :)

Aegean Airlines will be first on my list. They are based in Athens.

Shoutout to @Georgios_P for their post - Athens Int. Airport - Your Guide

Aegean Airlines - Routes and Aircraft

The Aegean fleet consists of A320, A320neo, A321, A321neo, DASH 8 100, ATR 42-600, ATR 72-600

I think this is the route list, found on Aegean Airlines NS23 International Service Update – 25SEP22 — AeroRoutes however I don’t see all planes listed

Athens – Amman A320neo

Athens – Amsterdam A321neo

Athens – Baku A320

Athens – Birmingham A320

Athens – Bristol A320neo

Athens – Bratislava A320

Athens – Brussels A320

Athens – Beirut A320ceo/320neo

Athens – Belgrade A320

Athens – Berlin A321ceo, A321neo, A320neo

Athens – Bilbao A320neo

Athens – Cairo A321

Athens – Cologne A320

Athens – Copenhagen A320neo

Athens – Dammam A320

Athens – Dublin A320neo

Athens – Florence A320neo

Athens – Geneva A321ceo

Athens – Izmir A320

Athens – Jeddah A321neo

Athens – Larnaca A321neo

Athens – Lisbon A320ceo/A320neo

Athens – Ljubljana A320

Athens – Luxembourg A320neo

Athens – Madrid A321neo

Athens – Malaga A321

Athens – Manchester A320neo

Athens – Milan Malpensa A320

Athens – Munich A320

Athens – Nice A320/321

Athens – Paris CDG A321neo

Athens – Palma de Mallorca A320neo

Athens – Podgorica A320

Athens – Riga A320neo

Athens – Riyadh A320/321neo

Athens – Rome A321

Athens – Seville A320

Athens – Skopje ATR72-600

Athens – Split A320

Athens – Tel Aviv A320

Athens – Warsaw A321ceo/321neo

Athens – Yerevan A321neo

Thessaloniki – Barcelona A320

Thessaloniki – Cologne A320

Thessaloniki – Dusseldorf A321neo

Thessaloniki – Stuttgart A321neo

Thessaloniki – Yerevan A320

Completed Routes * none yet
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This sounds like an excellent idea. I’m gonna keep my eye on this, I’m super interested!


use every a220 route, i guess?

not just A220, each plane flying every single route for that airline, then flying every single airline as well :)

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Good luck when you get to Delta!


oh, i thought you were doing aircraft alphabetically, so to start, I thought a220 would go first!

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thats not a bad idea lol might make it easier than doing airlines alphabetically

Since IF only has the Aegean livery for the A320 I wonder should I just fly it for all flights? Or only fly the flights that actually use the A320…

I can’t wait to see your updates on this topic! Hope you stick to this mega project since I can already tell it will be worth it at the end!

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You could probably sub it out for any A320 family route, maybe the turboprops as well

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My IF app only has the A320 with Aegean Airlines tho. None of the other airbuses have Aegean Air

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Use the A321 with generic livery, that’s how I’m doing Lufthansa A321 flights


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