From Ramp Agent to Flight Dispatcher

Good Day IFC,

As a lot of you know, I have been working as a ramp agent for the last 5 years holding multiple positions on the ramp and working for a contractor company as well as my current ramp agent role with AAG. With all the being said, recently I decided it was time for me to leave the ramp and make a change in the aviation industry. With all that being said, in October I applied to go to flight dispatcher school in Dallas, Texas and a few days ago, I learned I was accepted and have a class date of February 19th,2024. Im excited to start this new challenge in my aviation career.

I will be posting updates on this thread as time and class goes by. Leave your questions and comments below!


Congrats!!! Form a former Unifi (KSJC on behalf of Delta) ramper and aspiring commercial airline pilot and current college student :)!!!

Working with loadsheets/weight and balance and takeoff performance and all will get you so much closer to the technical aspects of flying! Good luck and have fun!


Actually decided to pursue this over becoming a commercial pilot. Working the ramp and doing weight and balance for all they planes, I liked working with the numbers and figuring things out.

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i’d love to hear about your progression! being a dispatcher has been on my list for a while and would love to see what you have to go through to get there!

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Very exciting stuff! Working on my CFI so getting closer and closer to getting to the professional industry. The excitement must be crazy! Congrats.


Nice! considering that, I might like this more than a pilot!

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Definetly should do it. It makes for a great career and the pay is not bad. Will be updating this thread.


Update Numero Uno:
Found myself a place to live for the next 6 weeks for school. Currently getting a head start on everything and reading about weather theory.

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Update 2! All moved in for my 6 weeks. Start class on monday

congratulations! best of luck

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thanks. hoping to update this thread a few times a week

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Congratulations! Also, interesting thread idea. I look forward to reading.

I didn’t know much (or anything) about the position other than what I thought I could reasonably assume from the position title. But then you mentioned weather theory (so I had to read a bit).

Reading further, I didn’t necessarily expect:

“The FAA ATP and the FAA Dispatcher (ADX) written exams are similar.”

" In the United States and Canada, the flight dispatcher shares legal responsibility with the commander of the aircraft."

“They are in constant communication with the air crew.”

“Shared responsibility adds a layer of checks and balances to aircraft operation and greatly improves safety.”

source: Flight dispatcher - Wikipedia

Sounds like an awesome time you’re going to have.

Good luck!

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Yep your pretty much right on the nose. We have a few more duties before a flight can leave the gate.

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Day 1 of class is over! Consist of a lot of information! We went over weather, regulations, approach plates, ETOPS and a whole bunch of other interesting topics! Below is all of the books and binders I have for the whole 5 weeks!

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Week 1 complete. Its a ton of information slammed into 5 weeks. I have been doing practice ADX exams and passed my first one today. Could be testing as early as tuesday next week

MAJOR UPDATE! Took my ADX written today and got a PASS! One step closer to being a flight dispatcher! Now it’s time to practice for the Oral and practical

Update!!! Have my first interview with Kalitta Air next week!!!

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Good luck!!

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Thanks you

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Another update… Currently in week 5. Going over how to build flight plans and I’m currently interviewing with a few different companys. Should hopefully have a CJO soon

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