From Phoenix to Washington: Continuing the Journey from Austin to Europe

👋🏻Welcome 🙏🏻 to the second part of my journey from Austin 🇺🇸to Europe, 🇪🇺 as I embark on the leg 🦵 from the vibrant bustling city of Phoenix,🌇 Arizona, 🌵🦂🐪to the captivating historic city of Washington. 🏛️After my earlier flight from Austin touched down🛬 at 8:30 AM, I made my way through the bustling terminal to Terminal Four, Gate C13, 🚶where my Southwest Airlines💙💛❤️ flight awaited, scheduled to depart at 9:20 AM.🛫

Before boarding, I decided to indulge in a culinary adventure 🍴at Pedal Haus Brewery, 🍺a renowned establishment known for its craft beers and delectable cuisine. As I savored every bite of my cheeseburger, 🍔😋 the aroma of freshly brewed coffee ☕️ wafted through the air, accompanied by the cheerful chatter🗣️ of fellow travelers.🧳

With satisfied taste buds and a contented spirit, 😌I leisurely strolled towards my departure gate, admiring the architectural beauty of the terminal along the way. 🎨As I reached Gate C13, I was greeted by the sight👀 of an impressive Boeing 737-800,✨its sleek exterior gleaming in the morning sunlight. 🧡This aircraft, bearing the registration N8610A, had gracefully served the skies for an impressive 11.2 years.📈

Excitement🥳 mingled with anticipation as I prepared to board my flight, ✈️ eager to continue my journey and explore 🗺️the enchanting wonders awaiting me in Washington.🏛️

Boarding commenced just 10 minutes⏳ after my arrival at the gate, thanks to my early bird check-in🐦status.📈 Eager to secure a prime spot,👀 I swiftly made my way into the cabin, where I secured a window 🪟seat 💺on the left side of the aircraft, offering a splendid view 👍🏻of the majestic wing.🪽 As other passengers began to board, the cabin buzzed with excitement, and within a mere 15 minutes, ⌛️everyone had settled into their seats,💺 and we were ready to embark on our journey.🧳

I thought we were gonna be ahead of schedule.⌚️" However a passenger was in the lavatory 🚽as they began the pushback. 😫Flight attendants had to tell the captain 👨🏻‍✈️to let the tug notice to stop 🛑 the aircraft ✈️ as they have someone out of their seat.💺 That delayed us by five minutes behind schedule now.😭 The flight attendant got the guy👦🏾 out of the bathroom, 🚽 and he was very apologetic. 🙏🏾 As he embarrassedly looked down 😔and walked back 🚶🏾towards his seat 💺 and sat down, the pushback commenced afterwards. While flight attendants finished their safety ⛑️ briefing, we turned onto the taxiways, started up engines, and commenced our taxi to the runway.

There was quite a bit of traffic in Phoenix 🌵this morning, 🌅so taxi took a while, which delayed us by 25 minutes.⌛️ I did not expect to make up any time in the air as the captain informed us of a storm ⛈️ that was expected to disrupt the flight ✈️ a little bit. But after looking 👀out the window 🪟 and seeing all the flights take off 🛫, it was finally our turn, and we were cleared for takeoff. 🛫

Shortly after takeoff 🛫, we noticed a yard to the north, and despite the turbulence, we pressed on. The aircraft jostled and shook, making the takeoff less than smooth. 🙁However, the experienced pilot 👨🏻‍✈️ skillfully managed the situation, ensuring the safety of all onboard. As we gained altitude, the turbulence gradually subsided, and the flight became more stable. Passengers relaxed, 😌 settling into their seats 💺 as the journey progressed. The crew remained vigilant, ready to assist if needed, maintaining a calm and professional demeanor. 🧳Despite the initial bumps, the flight continued smoothly towards its destination. Overall, the minor inconvenience of a turbulent takeoff 🛫 did not detract from the overall comfort and safety of the flight as we were going to be expecting some more turbulence as we fly over the Midwest ✈️

As we climbed up, our plane kept pushing toward our cruising altitude of FL350. The engines were roaring as we went higher and higher, leaving the bumpy takeoff behind. Inside, everyone was checking out the view, taking in the sights from up above. We were just cruising along, getting closer to where we’re headed with every minute that passed.

We hit our cruising altitude pretty fast, and then I figured I’d catch a quick nap 😴 because traveling can be exhausting, you know?

After a hour and a half🕛 of good 😊 sleep 😴 I was disturbed 😧 The sound of Seatbelt sign on 🔔As we crossed over the Midwest We had a lot of turbulence end diverted south to avoid as much weather ⛈️ as possible We also climbed above the storm to FL380 Lost all the way Indianapolis. As we passed over Indianapolis,📍 we encountered calm skies, which reminded me of my visit to Indianapolis a few months ago😊 for the Grand Nationals. Our marching band 🎺 placed 13th best in the nation,⭐️ and we were very close to making finals, as the top 12 bands advanced. However, we made it to the semifinals, which was expected. 😃 Back on topic, I asked the flight attendant if I could have a nice, bright drink 🥤 as I was getting thirsty after sipping on my Sprite. I went to the lavatory, 🚽 but unfortunately, there was a line. So I returned to my seat, 💺 thinking I would just go when we landed at the airport. 🛄

Before I knew it, we started our descent into Washington.🏛️ I gazed out the window 🪟 to see the beautiful landscape. 🏞️I was excited for Washington and eager for the adventure ahead, as I had a one-night layover 🛏️ before heading back to the airport to catch my flight to London 🇬🇧☕️ on the A380. We were put in a quick holding pattern as traffic was coming in and out of Washington. Then, we continued with short final and then came in for a smooth landing 😊🛬

Touchdown! As the wheels kissed the tarmac, 🛬I sprung into action, gathering my belongings like a seasoned traveler. 🧳 The flight attendants chimed in with their cheery welcome 🤗 to Washington, multitasking with finesse as they circulated the cabin with a trash bag 🗑️ in hand, tidying up the remnants of our journey. The taxi ride whizzed by in a blur, leaving me yearning for a snapshot of the fleeting sights 📸 outside the window. 🪟Despite our slight delay, we eventually pulled up at our gate, fashionably tardy by a cool 50 minutes. The hustle and bustle of the airport greeted us with its familiar cacophony, a symphony of announcements and footsteps echoing against the terminal walls. 🗣️With a mix of excitement and relief, I stepped off the plane.✈️

flight briefing

Origin: KPHX Phoenix, Arizona
Destination: KIAD Washington DC
Airline: Southwest 💙💛❤️
Aircraft: 737-800
Flight time: 4 1/2 hours
Server: expert
Stay tuned for more updates as I prepare for my flight across Europe. You won’t want to miss out on this thrilling opportunity to soar high in the skies with a personalized touch. It’s going to be an adventure like no other!

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Well, ain’t that just the sweetest music to my ears! Much obliged, partner!🤠

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Oh, sorry, I must have missed the memo on emoji overload. My bad! I’ll keep it emoji-free from now on. Just straight-up, no-frills text. Thanks for the heads-up!

Just wondering how come you decided to fly from Austin - Phoenix - Washington? And also what airline are you planning to fly from Washington - London. Nice trip report.

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Hey there! I have a school project coming up and I’m in a bit of a tight spot. My budget is only $10,000 and I need to visit three countries. I found a flight option that goes from Austin to Washington, connects through Phoenix with the cheapest fare, but you have to wait for my next flight to see my lightning flying to London. Exciting, right?

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Expertise Surgery? (Just a joke, I’m sorry 🙏🥹)

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😂 I guess it was auto corrected oops

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