From One Small Island to Another

New Providence Island and Key West are both beautiful places to visit. When you’re flying in between these islands, it’s definitely a sight to see while passing Andros Island and the Berry Islands.

Flight Information
Flight time: 0:47
Aircraft: Cessna Citation X
Server: Expert
Cruising Altitude: FL340


N415V cold and dark at the ramp.

Lining up runway 14 at MYNN.

Blasting out of MYNN.

See you later Nassau!

Passing San Andros at 34,000ft.

Berry Islands in the background.

On final runway 27 at KEYW.

Skies starting to clear up.

Time for her to go back to sleep.

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Photo 7 is really cool!

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Awesome photos man! I love the last three!

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Love all these! Great work

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Cool pictures! Especially #9

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Cool picture! They normally fly private jets above airliners so FL 400>450.