From Old to New. SAS Formation Flight

Aloha Everyone! Today, I did a flight from Stockholm(ESSA) to Helinski(EFHK), in a A350! In this topic, I’ve collected 10 of the best shots I could find to share with you all today.

image Time and Date Wednesday April 8, 12:00 PM
image Country Sweden 🇸🇪-> Finland 🇫🇮
image Servers Expert


@TRDubh Rotating with me taxiing to the runway in the background.

Me saying bye to Sweden!

@TRDubh Torpedoing me from Behind

@TRDubh turning into me while I turn the opposite direction

Me and @TRDubh on final at Helinski

A landing shot of us

big birbs and smol birbs

A shot a passenger took while disembarking the tiny old CRJ

Tails of Virgin, Lufthansa, United and Me, SAS

Blooper of me forgetting to set brakes while waiting for the Finnair to move


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Uh was there ATC lol


ATC were fine with our formation :)


Interesting… lol

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Nice pics. Looks like a ton of fun :)

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Wait a minute,
I know that timelapse link anywhere…


Nice rick roll and pictures mr cool (@anon41771314)

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Love the 8th and 9th pictures!!

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Thanks guys!

Great photos!

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Thanks Awerty!

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Really cool 👍🏻


Cool photos! Interesting to hear Aloha in Finland, but to do you lol

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Noice one my man.

But you had to include the SAS A319 Retro.
There always space for that.

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What are the ATC protocols that you have to follow in a formation?


Be a flight of…(insert number of people in formation) ATC will give instructions to the lead plane. All other aircraft follow lead plane.


You also need very good accuracy when it comes to turns and to be able to do a full hand landing, as if you did it with AP it would be very hard to land in formation.

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Looks like you guys had a fun little flight! Love the pics… also, nice timelapse

Thanks! The timelapse is icing on the cake!

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I think Formation flights are allowed to fly with only a separation of 0.5 nm on final