From Old To New: A380 Edition

Hello folks! I’m pretty sure we’re all well aware of the A380 rework. It’s been a massive success on Infinite Flight and a great plane to fly. The night before the rework I did a British Airways maintenance flight to fly the old version one final time!

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Route: London Heathrow to Cardiff
Server: Expert

Boarding the old bird for the final time

Takeoff from LHR!

Definitely not gonna miss this cockpit lol

Making the turn for Wales

Now in Cardiff! Going into the hanger for refurbishment

Back one day later. And this thing looks wayyy better!

Takeoff from Cardiff

Low turn under the suburbs of London

Looks like I’m not the only one trying the new A380

And that’s it for my first A380 flight. Gotta say it’s a massive improvement and I can’t wait to fly it more!


Cool! especially with the comparison!

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Thank you!