From Noon to Glorious Night in a 787

Training Server
Flight Time:6 Hrs

In the KJFK Terminal Filing my FPL

Climbing in New York City

Cruisin’ at 34,000Ft while the sun sets

Near Dublin, 30 mins before landing

Doing a 360 degree turn due to too high on approach

Smoothly touching down at Heathrow!


Unfortunately i have no knowledge on editing photos like other users did on their own topics

Don’t worry about it, besides the dark photos, they look fantastic!

Thanks buddy.

btw do you have an recommandation to a editing software?

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Anytime ;)

I’ve already mentioned them:




I like the moon you edited in in the last pic. Looks good!

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I really like those pictures, however try not to exaggerate the size of the moon too much though, but that last picture looked nice anyway, so great photos! ;)

However i tried to smallen the size of the moon but i felt too small ruins it.

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It looks good, but it just looks quite unrealistic, make it the way you want though, don’t take my advice if you don’t want to ;)

The 787 is my favorite airplane.

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