From Newbie to Grade 3

Hey everyone. I’m on the brink of getting to Grade 3 and I’m excited. I have a passion for aviation and I think this sim is the best flight sim out there. I can’t wait to get the chance to go to the IFATC program too. I look forward to flying with everyone in the friendly skies.

PS apologies is this isn’t the correct thread.


Can’t wait to see you in the expert server!

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Welcome aboard!

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Brilliant! I hope to see you soon as an expert server, Don’t forget to check the user guide well!

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Excellent! Keep it up

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Thats great, keep learning and you’ll get there in no time!
Do read the user guide, you dont want to get unnecessary viols due to your experience so get more clued up on procedures especially dealing with ATC.
See you in the skies @Capt.Todd 👀😎👍
Btw, welcome to the IFC!!

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Congrats, man! It sounds like you want to be realistic which is always appreciated 🙂

Now to Grade 5!

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Made Grade 3. Now it’s on to my first event. Pumped!


IFATC is the funnest journey in Infinite Flight! I can wait to see you aboard with us here soon!

See you on the expert server soon!

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