From Munich to New York in 10 Pictures

Yesterday, I conducted my first ever long haul flight from my hometown Munich to New York JFK via Frankfurt.

My journey started at 6:30am Munich with a flight to Frnakfurt in a Lufthansa A320neo. From there we continued to JFK with a B748, ehich definitely is a cool way to fly your first long-haul.

Getting seated in the NEO.

Departing runway 26R northbound.

Cruising on our short 35 minutes flight.

Breaking through the clouds with a beautiful view on Frankfurt.

Landing on runway 25C.

My first ever flight in a widebody was in D-ABYM.

Departing runway 25C and turning northbound once again.

Flying at 36.000ft above northern Canada.

Flying close to Islip and descending into JFK.

Landed with a skyline view.

Review: 15/10


I see you flew on a 747-8. Was this your first long haul? Great shots btw!

Edit: mb I didn’t realize you said it was haha. How was flying your first widebody?

Great shots! Welcome to the USA! 🇺🇲

If you landed on 22L around 2 in the afternoon yesterday, I saw you on final from my town :)

I hope the flight was nice! I’ve also flown from Frankfurt to JFK before, but on a Lufthansa A346

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It was great! Especially rhe higher ceilings gave a spacious feeling

It was! Just a little turbulence which was a nice thing to make things more exciting!
I think we landed at 2, but I am not 100% sure because of the time difference

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Welcome to USA 🇺🇸 Have fun in My home Town

Thanks! Has been a blast and very different so far. Today I visited the Central Park and Times Square!

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Great pics! How good was the food? I’m flying from Denver to Munich this summer. Very curious to see your own personal opinion

Well, not on a Qatar Airways level for sure ^^ I got Pasta with a salad, bun and apple pie, which I liked a lot. We also got a sandwich before TOD and had 5 drink services in total (drinks are available at any time in the bord kitchen). For me it was quite nice, but my sister didnt like it too much.

You can definitely look forward to MUC and its offerings though. Its rated Europes best airport for a reason ;)

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