From Mountains to Low Lands a trip report

I was bored so I decided to fly the Delta A220 from SLC to DFW

important stuff

Server: Expert
Time: 2 hours 29 minutes

Arriving at SLC

Here’s our plane parked at A7
The view from my seat
Departing SLC on runway 16L

I watched a movie on the IFE system, it’s really nice having it built into the plane hint hint American Airlines
Approaching DFW at sunset

A smooth touchdown on 18R before taxing to Terminal E

Exiting the plane after our 2h and 29min flight that burned 5695kg of fuel

Last view of our plane parked at E14 before I head to baggage claim E15

Plane Spotter view from Founders Plaza


I got to see the cockpit before deplaning


Nice Interior pics! would be nice if IF implemented a mini game on those IFE screens…


May I suggest more interesting route? It is from Islamabad or Lahor to Paro
Very nice mountains over there.

Cool trip report