From Miami Skies To Curaçao Crystal Waters!

Flight Time: Approx. 2 hours, 30 minutes (based on cruising speed)
Description: This flight provides an excellent view of scenery based on the FPL/runway you choose! I chose to depart from Runway 12 and pass over Andros Island (Biggest island of the Bahamas), Guantanamo (Cuba) near MUCU, and over Port-Au-Prince, Haiti (MTPP) before proceeding down to Curaçao! Enjoy!

Depature from KMIA Runway 12

Flyover of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Preparing For Descent into TNCC with Aruba in the background

Left Wing view while approaching Runway 11

Arrival on Runway 11

Parked at Apron


Nice seeing my island being my featured! Great shots!

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Thank you, it was a pleasure flying there!

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May I recommend turning Anti-Aliasing on, It’ll help your shots look much cleaner.

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But otherwise great pictures!

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Thank you for recommending this! I’ll definitely this into account next time!

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