From Madrid to Vienna on A320



what do you mean?

I was joking. I just don’t like ryanair.

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Why not? Isn’t as bad as you know…

I dunno. I just am not a big fan.

Oh okey you’re free to give your opinion…

Out of topic but…have you ever actually flied Ryanair?

Sorry i was asking @Mattheus

Sorry I hadn’t noticed ;)

I think once, a long time a go. I have a bunch of friends to have shown me how bad it is.

i secretly harbor a rage against budget carriers

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Considering the prices Ryanair isn’t a bad airline, they just take you from point A to B, now if you payed extreme amounts of money for a flight, then you deserve to complain about Ryanair, but seriously for 20€ (around that region) I don’t see why people expect first class treatment (not saying you said this)

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I agree with you!
But I think this isn’t the good topic to talk about this.

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You can talk about that down here:

I congratulate you for being the best just like all and I also wanna day live the pics

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