From Kastrup to London / Scandinavian A320

Hey IFC,
today I decided to share an amazing flight with you. This is my first time posting pictures here. I didn’t edit the pictures by the way, but anyways some of them are amazing.

Flight details:
Aircraft: A320 (SAS)
Route: EKCH - EGLL
Flight Time: 1:20 hours
Server: Expert Server

And here are the photos:

  1. Pushing back at EKCH with an A350 in the background

  2. Lining up on runway 22R

  3. Climbing to FL360

  4. Cruising over the sea 40 minutes after departure

  5. Starting descend into EGLL

  6. Flying over London city (EGLC) while approaching runway 27R

  7. Final approach into runway 27R at EGLL

  8. Touching down a bit too late

  9. After taxiing 10 minutes I finally arrived at Terminal 2 (with Captain_Cign and yoyo0212 in the background)

Like said before, this is my first time making this kind of topic, so I hope you enjoyed at least one of them.
It would help me to get some feedback of you and thanks for viewing my pictures! :D

If anything is not right please tell me and I will change it.


Can you remove this photo or it will be closed because of the HUD. Besides that great photos!

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Thanks for your feedback… Ill do it immediately. Didn’t notice there was a hub.

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Great pictures! And don’t worry too much about the landing as it is still within the touchdown zone from the looks of it. Thanks for sharing!

Yep, I know. Thans for your nice words.

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Great pictures mate! Loved all of them!

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Start a youtube channel! I’ll sub.

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Thanks. I’m glad you like them!

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Lol thanks