From JFK to Sunny Grenada

This past week past weekend a few of us did a VA event down to Grenada. In need to escape the freezing cold northeast we decided to go somewhere warm. Great scenery and a fun approach.

Flight Details

Route: New York JFK 🇺🇸 - Grenada 🇬🇩
Aircraft/Airline: JetBlue A321
Flight Time: 4:18

@Zachary, @William_Chin, and I do final preparations for today’s flight.

@Zachary taxis beside me to 31L.

I follow @William_Chin out to 31R.

Late arrival @CaptainZac joins behind me both awaiting takeoff.

Quick turn out.

Puerto Rico

St. Thomas

Final approach over Point Salines

All safely at the gate.

Thank you all for joining and hopes to many more flights with you all!


Not only is the at my favorite airline and aircraft but you flew out of my hometown and favorite airport


You all flew to my 2nd hometown airport, nice!

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Departing off the 31’s is always fun personally my favorite departure out of Kennedy.

Nice flight and so cool to see you all lined up for departure

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Thanks for the kind words appreciate it !