From Japan With Love - A Sneak Peak at NAHA

Naha is a work in progress with many more details and objects to come. We’ve heard some concerns that Asia and Japan weren’t getting enough attention, Naha will be one of many airports to bridge that gap! The crisp blue waters and pure white sand beaches make for some phenomenal views.



Looks good 🥰🥰🥰

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@ANAVirtualGroup, you might like this! :)


awesome 😎 🤩

There are going to be so many new 3D airports in 22.5

Nothing has been confirmed yet, stay tuned to IF Social Media!

Many airports you are seeing are still a work in progress. No airports have been confirmed for 22.5 just yet :)


Thank you for the great work! I’m excited to trip to one of the most popular Japanese resort from Tokyo (HND) with heavy aircrafts more realistically!

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It’s so cool! Look good at the airport and enjoy having fun with the game!

Absolutely can’t wait to fly routes like Nagoya to Naha!

Let’s gooooooo

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