From Japan’s Second Busiest Airport to the Finnish Frontier

Tokyo Narita to Helsinki | 🇯🇵 - 🇫🇮

Hi everyone! I’m back with another #screenshots-and-videos topic after taking a break for a while! I finally figured out how to get my photos to look less pixelated, so I finally have some good ones! I flew this route with the Japan Airlines 787-9 which is one of the only “euro white” liveries that I like. Additionally, JAL has since moved this route to Haneda, but you can still fly it realistically with the Finnair A350! Enjoy, and feedback is welcome!

Server: Expert
Route: RJAA (Tokyo Narita) - EFHK (Helsinki)
Aircraft: Japan Airlines 787-9
Flight Time: 9 hours and 49 minutes

Beginning my rotation out of Narita.

Putting the gear up!

Hello Haneda!

Wing view of Tokyo!

Passing by a river or canal of some sort.

The mountains of Japan!

Goodbye Japan!

Fast forward to descending into Helsinki with the moon!

Passing over the airport before we land.

Landing in some crosswinds!

Thanks for looking! Which one was your favorite?

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I love Picture #8. Keep up the good work!


Great photos there, I have to say, #6 is the best.


This wing view is absolutely stunning! Great photos!!

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Thank you so much!

Thanks! 6 is my favorite too!

Thank you, and I agree, that view is truly incredible! Next time you fly from Tokyo, I highly recommend departing over the city!

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