From Infinite Flight to Infinite Flight Community (or vice versa)

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Hey IFC,

I have been playing Infinite Flight since around June-July 2014, but I haven’t joined the community until May 11, 2017, because I needed support. So, let me ask you, how long were you playing Infinite Flight before you joined the community?

  • <1 year
  • 1-2 years
  • 3-4 years
  • 4+ years

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Just out of curiosity, did anyone join IFC before purchasing Infinite Flight?

  • I joined IFC before purchasing IF.
  • I joined IFC after purchasing IF and I am going to go vote in the poll above.

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This might get a bit misleading, as IF was released several years (2011 on Windows Mobile) before IFC was launched (May 2015). Just something to consider :)


Haha, is this mind control? =)


Does it seem to work? XD

I’d like your post, but I ran out of likes for the day.

It worked on me I think I subconsciously read it and voted on one above lol

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Even though I am probably one of the most immature members on the forum, I actually got Infinite flight about 4 1/2 years ago, back in the day where I compared engine sounds to my washing machine.

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Also, does he mean buying the app only, or subscribing to live? I bought the app, flew solo for quite a while, then joined IFC before subscribing to live.


I did the exact same. Played solo before global and then got a live subscription around a month after global.

I’ve been on the community for 10 months now so I’m new compared to other people and I’m a regular

I meant buying the game itself. I’ve played IF since 2014, but Live didn’t come out until 2015. And I didn’t buy it until a year later.

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So apparently, a lot of you guys discovered Infinite Flight Community within your first year of purchasing the game. And it took me 3 years (2 after the community was born) to even realize that the community existed.

I’m not sure @Air_New_Zealand08 can answer this he doesn’t have infinite flight 😂😅😅😅


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