From Hollywood to Hawaii @ KLAX - 292100ZMAR19

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    National Charter Service: Any
    Delta: 77L, 752, 763, or 788
    American: A321, 789, 77L
    United: 772, 739, 789, 78X
    Hawian: 763, A333
  • Route:
  • Time of Departure:
  • Server:

  • Additional Information:
    Flight time approx.
    Use my flight plan
    I’ll be in a 788 Generic in the East remote gates.
    You will be responsible for fuel and weight
    Be respectful on expert
    Takeoff 30-sec apart
    Climb profile: 245/300/.85
    Decent Profile: .80/300/245
    Listen to approach
    Descend 20-25 minutes out or at your own time.
    NCS follow me to the gate, everyone else go by yourself.

I’ll be attending in a UAL 737-900


Sounds good.

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You could do a NCS aircraft with me also.

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Anyone else?

Spawn in in 10

Spawning in now

Flight time

With my FPL, about 5 hours

I’ll be ready to fly in 15

5 1/2 hr flight about

Ok cool, just copy my fpl

Not at Mach .85 and with this flight plan

Yeesh maybe we should do something shorter

You good to join?

Nope sorry means I will land at 3am sorry

winds though are not the greatest too

If you just do other stuff, time will fly

Ok, sorry you can’t join

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I have blocked extra fuel in case I want to go faster