From Heathrow to Frankfurt In Real Life and Infinite Flight!

Good Evening,

Earlyer today I took the flight BAW914, it took me from London Heathrtow back home to Frankfurt. Not only did I get to spot the new A350-1000 but I also got a glimpse of two BA 100 retro 747´s. But thats not what I want to show here, when I came home I was full of the “Aviation Spirit” and emidiatly wanted to get on a flight of my own.

So what better flight to do then the one you where on a few hours ago?
Looking up the Flight Plan wasn´t difficult and in no time at all I was pushing back at Heathrow on my way to Frankfurt (only this time I was the Pilot).

During Cruise I had a look at a few Pics that I had taken earlyer that day… why not recreate them in Infinite Flight…

Here we go:

After a long taxi (21 mins) we finaly lined up on Runway 27R,


On our way towards the channel and we passed London Gatwick Airport (LGW) at about 9500ft AGL, sadly the resolution in Infinite Flight doesn´t make it easy to spot the Airport…


Having crossed the border to Germany it was time to descend, now and then the Speedbreaks appeared to slow us down…


On final approach to Runway 07C the sun was abbout to set, this permitted a beautiful view of Runway 18,


A few Infos on the Real flight:
Flight Number: BAW914
Dep Time:17:47 BST
Ldg Time: 20:19 CEST
Flight Time: 1:32
Aircraft: British Airways A319

Notes: We where delayed for 35mins as British Airways didn´t have any Pushback Tracktors/Tugs available, this lead to us missing our Departure Slot. To make the exsperience even more enjoyable the Airconditioning was not working so we all got very hot…

A few Infos on the Infinite Flight Flight

Dep Time: 22:00 BST
Ldg Time: 00:03 CEST
Flight Time: 1:03
Aircraft: British Airways A319
Route: EGLL D256G D299L D027O D258K EMKAD TUSUK DF402 SR07 OU425 DF375 ROKIM D193Q ROBSA DF135 EDDF

Link to Flightaware for the full Realworld Flight details:

To People that are Forum Experts, I was contemplating putting this in #screenshots-and-videos but decided to put it here instead. If there is something wrong with that I will be happy to change it.

Have a nice evening! Thanks @Connor4477 for joining me on the Flight!

Oskar (Flying Pencil)


Nice job recreating the real life flight! I should do this as well! Thanks for the idea :)



Very nice comparison!

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Very well done!

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I have never been able to do this right. Great job!

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I did a side by side video of a real approach to FLL, and one in If, and it was impressive to say the least…


Was a great flight ! Amazing photos also :)

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Excellent stuff.

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I am very happy to see how far Infinite Flight has came to see these type of topics.

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Imagine that IF would look likes this <3
Good idea to recreate it like this, got a nice added value :)

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FLL looks like a good Option to go with! Don’t forget to TAG me if you ever do make a toppic like this one ;)

This was so awesome! Nice work mate!

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