From Hawaii to the Land Down Under (PHNL-YSSY)

Qantas Flight 104, Honolulu to Sydney

I flew from Honolulu to Sydney with the Qantas A330-300. The flight was done on the expert server. The flight time was 9 hours and 53 minutes. I cruised at Mach 0.80, and for altitude, I initially climbed at FL360 and later ascended to FL400.

Flight Information:

Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Livery: Qantas
Route: Honolulu, Hawaii (PHNL) - Sydney, Australia (YSSY)
Flight time: 9 hours and 53 minutes
Server: Expert

The Photos


Turning on to runway 8R, A.K.A. the Reef Runway


Up, Up, and Away!

Leaving Oahu behind


Gear down

Hello there!


Parked at the gate

Thank you so much for checking out my photos!


Really nice shots ! I love the one where you’re leaving PHNL !

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Thanks! I really appreciate it!

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really cool shots

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Thank you!

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Nice shots there! Qantas recently restarted this service in December

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Thanks! I was looking for flights on FlightRadar24 that were arriving in Sydney and taking around 10 hours and I came across this one.

Interesting, I like the shot where it says up,up and away

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Thank you so much!

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