From Hawaii to the East Coast | PHNL-KSEA-KSAN-KATL-KJAX | Delta 757

Hey there. I’ve gotten pro again and decided to fly to 4 destinations in one single flight.


Time: 12h 47m
Route: PHNL (Daniel K. Inyoue International) - KSEA (Seattle-Tacoma International) - KSAN (San Diego International) - KATL (Hartsfield-Jackson International) - KJAX (Jacksonville International)
Aircraft: Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200
Server: Training

Spawned in at Honolulu

Lovely departure

Below KBFI on approach

Heading to San Diego!

realism 100

Heading off to our final destination




Great topique @Rolls! Loved the mountain shot as well as the Thai A340!

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Nice photos:)

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why is the delta 757 the only good looking one

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i dont know

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