From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City | 789

Hey community!

Today’s flight was form Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City during today’s FNF. It was an amazing flight with the 787! With lovey ATC form @MJMN, @Balloonchaser, @Oskapew and @AndrewWu!

Flight details

Flight time: 1 hour and 38 min
Aircraft: 787-9
Airline: Vietnam airlines
Route: VVNB - VVTS

At the gate loading up @Ecoops123’s new tea bags, @Jster82x’s paint and brushes, @Tsumia’s chicken and @Ethan_Lee1’s fruit.


Cruising at flight level 430!

Turining right as we start decent

Butter landing so out things didn’t get hurt. -57 fpm

At the gate after a great flight!

Thanks for viewing all the photos!


you can use all of the photos, but credit me


Cool Photos!

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Amazing photos!

I saw you on approach at VVTS!

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Yay, I’ve got my chicken. Great shots as always!

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@Canadian_Aviator thanks!

@MJP_27 cool!

@Tsumia there you go!


What about my rice noodles 🥺🥺


Ok They will come in next delivery, I think I will fly the 747-8 to get more space then lol 😂

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😂 ok great! I’ll get a double order for my Vermicelli

Great photos

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Haha haha 😂 thanks!

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Great pictures!

I saw you at VVTS!

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thanks… this should be paint though LOL :)

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Thank you!

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great shots!!! :)

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Yeah… changed that

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Thank you mate!

you are welcome

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Everyone thanks for the feedback! Is it anyway I can make the shots better next time?

Awesome shots! Sorry about the mix up when you got on the ground though

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Did you see a air indigo right next to you at the gate?

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Nice pictures

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