From Grade 3 to Grade 1

I have been flying and paying for the app for a few months now and suddenly it brought me down from Grade 3 to Grade 1. Not sure sure what violation is saying but i have not committed one. Support, please put me back to grade 3.


what does your grade sheet look like?
What are you missing for grade promotion?

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Could you please evaluate more?

This could be caused by:

  • Not flying for a while.
  • Not reaching the 90 day landing requirement for Grade 3.
  • Receiving recent ghostings, reports, violations, etc.

Your grade probably went down due to the reasons stated above.


I moved this to Live since this is related to activity (flight hours, landings, violations and ghosting) in the last 90 days.


When was the last time you played?

You can find more info here:

In the red circle on this grade table, you will see Flight time (90 days) and Landing (90 days)

Up the top you will see the flight time and landings required for that grade however you are also required to have a certain amount of landings and flight time in those 90 days. If you do not keep that above the limit you will slowly lose your grade.

Not my picture just a example

I believe the numbers have changed since global update

As does everyone with a subscription. You’re not paying for a grade, you’re paying for access to a live server, for which IF has an overhead for satellite imagery, infrastructure, etc.

Grade 3 has requirements. It’s up to each individual pilot to meet them.


@Tim_B… The “Requirement”. Said it before and I say it again, One has to be a math wizard to unscramble this abominable convoluted Table. I call it the ”IF Punishment Rack”…, Where’s the up to date publish legend (in KISS format) for this “Ouija Board”. If there is and updated legend, point us to it. I can’t find it. I’ve noted this gripe repeatedly about this tough love approach, What and who’s purpose does it serve US or Them?
Max Sends

(Hi Tim, Still one of Them I see, LOL, Let’s have a Members vote on this issue)

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Nice to see you active again!

Passing the old man baton back to you.


@GHamsz… Wish it was you old man. Don’t need the baton have a walker Lo…
Please to see your still kicking Warmest Regards Oooold Old Compadre


I’m not entirely certain. Personally, I could not possibly care less about my grade. Others seem to derive their entire self-worth from it. I guess it depends on the person.

I didn’t create the table, I’m just noting it exists. No one “took” anything from him, is all.

As far as convoluted, I don’t know. My background is engineering, so perhaps I miss where the difficult math is. I just look at it as a table with rolling time periods. If it says less than 5 last 7 days, I just look back a week and count.

As for who it serves, no idea. Other than the break between access to Expert server or not, there really is no function. I’ll never try for grade 4 or 5. It simply offers nothing to me. I can also say that when controlling, I don’t look at grade for even a nanosecond, so if I’m one of “them” for whatever reason, then it certainly doesn’t serve that faction, because I pay it no heed whatsoever.


If you don’t fight regularly you don’t get to keep the belt forever.

@Tim_B… Who lov’s ya baby. Defending the defenseless is a noble pursuit. Like the windmill the goal of reaching the laurels associated with the magic 5 and access to the big time, the so called “Expert” , takes time and effort. That time and effort required should not be impeded by an artificial algorithm generated to punish learning curve error in order to cull that portion of the herd that are goal oriented which is the majority of the fledgling class, rewarded them. Considering the IF demographic first. KISS should be the rule not tough love. Only a minority of the membership have an aviation background or the maturity to stay the course. The 5 or goal orientation is not their forte nor mine. The malcontents, gamers and flat hatters are ezly identified, the terms of service are clear, administratively ground them for a period or provide Kiddy Server access only.
The present system needs a rethink and a KISS.
Regards old nemesis, Max Send

(Info: @Tyler_Shelton)


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