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Hi all!
I just want to give my feedback after one month playing IF, being an ex-FSX cmdr (since MF2000).
My simlife as a pilot began many years ago, normal learning curve and i loved flying short and long distances. With FSX i have dedicated to build airports (AFCAD2 and ADE) and spent days transforming my hometown 1500ft runway airport on an international hub, as seen in the picture. Flying from there, intercontinental… what a joy!
Filled the Sim with many addons… weather, global, airplanes, real time traffic, you name it! Gigbts! It was fun but we had twins and computer gaming become difficult with the kids.
Now i have return and after some digging, im on IF and loving it! Ipad Pro2018 is an incredible machine, loading the game in 5secs. That helps!
What is missing (i know that all has been requested, but i feel that one more isnt enough):
Real weather textures (clouds, rain, thunderstr)
Taxi lights on ground,
Taxiway lights,
Airport buildings (not important but makes the game cool).

I mean, im going anual subscription, but i want to feel that im paying all their work, servers, etc, and not 3 or 4 new games.
Do these changes and this will be the best mobile game ever!

Regards all!image image image


There are request out there you can vote for those changes, maybe one day we will see them added.


It’s really cool that you edited your home airport to make it a massive hub! If you are interested, we also have a little of group editors for Infinite Flight which i’m personally a part of, and I mostly work on Minnesota Airports. If you are interested, please have a look below at the link.


Real weather textures will be awesome not necessarily in high 3rd quality to avoid massive storage pain on mobile devices


You have to remember this i see as unfair because FSX is a PC sim and IF is mobile, completely different markets.

But if you would like to see most of these features there are numerous feature request where you can find them.


Aeorfly 2 is also on mobile it’s has amazing graphics and 3rd buildings taxiway lights and really bright aircraft lights and cockpit light, but it’s only has one small region and few planes but its still takes almost 2GB of space and it doesn’t have weather like the PC version,.

the only mobile flight simulator that have weather and global map was the old “extreme landings” i have this simulator but it’s graphics are ain’t that great however they still managed to put clouds/rain/thunderstorms in a 2d kind of quality,.

i think we don’t really need 3rd buildings, but taxiway lights are mandatory and the aircraft lights should be brighter, as for clouds and weather i think 2d quality will be better to not take too much space just like what “extreme landings” did cause 3rd visuals require a lot of storage and performance,.


I hope IF liltle bit fix it about weather texture and airport building

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I personally think the price we pay for 512,000,000 square kilometers of the Earth is a really great. We have access to thousands of airports and unique landmarks. The textures of valleys and mountains and reefs are seen in great detail. We also have fog. It would be nice to have taxiway lights and clouds I agree but what we have currently is pretty awesome. I mean we have access to the entire planet in the palm of our hands.


yeah i don’t think 3d buildings are really needed tbh, taxiway lights and clouds is all we need


Strangely enough, I’m making that move as well… what a coincidence

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Is the last photo inspired in Madrid Barajas? The terminal really looks like T-4

Btw, amazing screenshots of TAP
I really like how the 742 looks in the current livery

Yes, it is T4.
Barajas is one of my favorite airports.

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