From Frankfurt to Lisbon

Hey IFC, back with another screenshots and videos topic. I’ve recently been flying more in IF, because of @NoahM’s and his amazing advice. I’ve been using flight aware to find these amazing flights in Europe. I have so many to do. The flight time was 2 hours and 36 minutes.

Flight details

Airbus A320

Getting configured for my flight to Lisbon

Taxiing to runway 07C

Pitching up as a company A380 bound for Toronto

Entering France

Seeing some nice mountains as we enter Spain

A surprising grease on runway 03

Parked at the gate with @Knellered who coincidently did the same flight

A fun flight that was, please tell me on anything I can improve.
Thanks for looking!


Some beautiful photos for sure!

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Thank you!

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Cool shots! I’m happy my “ways” are working for you 😊

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i love that flight you did a great job loved it good take off and touch down.

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I really appreciate it

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Thank you! My landings aren’t always good, but this took me by surprise!

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Thanks for sharing these great pictures of a really nice route! Lisbon and the whole Iberian Peninsula are just stunning, and this shows well in the pictures!

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Thanks! Europe is my favorite place to fly with the scenery!

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