From Finland’s biggest City to Golden Hour in a Portuguese Paradise

Helsinki to Madeira

It’s Friday! So I’m sure you have no clue what that means, but it’s my weekly 757 post to raise awareness for a 757 rework. You can vote for the 757 Reworkhere. I was going to do a route like Denver to San Francisco or Washington DC, but all of my 757 posts have been in the America’s so far, so I decide to go to Europe. I was looking for a route to Madeira (LPMA) because of its fun and tough final turn less than a mile from the runway. Finnair flies this route in real life with the A321. Finnair retired the 757 in 2014 to be replaced by the A321. Flight time was 5 hours and 3 minutes.

Flight Details

Helsinki to Madeira-Funchal
Finnair 643
Boeing 757-200
@JulianB @Philippe_Gilbert

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Climbing out of Helsinki as the clock strikes noon
Cruising over Estonia as we fly Southwest Hello Paris! The dry landscape of Spain from 42,000 feet Over the mountains of Northern Spain Crossing the West Coast of Portugal ready for an hour and a half over the East Atlantic On the downwind leg to runway 5 in Madeira Too high and too fast making the final sharp turn toward the runway On final on the steeeeep turn i know the photo isn’t great, but I tried even though the 757 cockpit looks awful in replay mode Super rough, but on the ground in a Portuguese paradise!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

I don’t have a quiz for today, but I should have a post either tomorrow or Sunday, it will probably be Phoenix to Portland, or Honolulu to Pago Pago, Tahiti or Christmas Island

The answer to the last question was Rolls Royce cars, which 55% got correct!


Great pictures! I finally found a friend who likes the 757!


Thanks! I love the 757, it’s my favorite aircraft irl

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Magnificent! A plane that I don’t like too much because of its physics, but from the outside it’s very pretty! And Madeira a beautiful airport! Very pictures, I love the one with the cockpit in this typical final!

EDIIT : i have voted :D

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Great photos! Your pics never disappoint!


What’s the answer to yesterday’s quiz?

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Yet another livery that I had zero idea about. Great pictures!

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@misterATOMIC thanks! It’s tough to deal with because the physics are messed up like you said, but the fun approach is still fun! The landing wasn’t though 🥴

@anon38496261 thanks! I love it and I hope it gets a rework soon. And good catch, let me go do that :D

@Sashaz55 it’s definitely interesting to see the old Finnair logo!


Very nice pictures! I really like doing this approach and I hope they add better navigation aids in the next update to make my approaches even more smooth lol

Otherwise I hope you enjoyed the flight! Must of been long!

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Thanks! It was a little tough because even though I know the approach pretty well, I didn’t have the chart so I wasn’t 100% accurate which definitely made it a little complicated.

Daaannng that livery looks good on the 75 #rework the757

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Great photos! We definitely need the 757 rework, it’s up there with some other aircraft. Love how you tried to make the cockpit work, pretty nice.

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Awesome photos! Glad to see the 757 getting some love! #reworkthe757

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the old livery is so much better

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Very nice! I forgot the Finnair 757 existed, though come to think of it I remember seeing the Finnair 757 on Youtube at Madeira IRL. That livery is absolutely stunning on the 757 #rework the757

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This brings back so many great memories of flying to Madeira IRL. The view of Paris, Spain and the Portugese coast and the. The amazing steep turn and landing into Madeira.

Thanks for sharing these great pictures of this stunning scenery!

Probably my favourite of this topic ;)

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@david_lemke I’m a huge fan of it! Especially on my favorite plane

@Mr-plane-guy1 I agree, especially with how little time we have left before most of them will be retired!

@Jacob_Layton I love it, I really hope it gets a rework!

@Fish the new one is cool too! I think it would look good on the 757

@SirMS it must’ve been so cool to see a Finnair 757 landing at Madeira, I’m gonna look up a video of it landing to see if I can find one!

@JulianB you’re sooooo lucky If you’ve flown into Madeira irl! It seems like it would be such an awesome island to go to on vacation!

And sorry for the late responses guys, I had a pretty busy day


Absolutely, yes. It’s not only an AvGeek’s dream, but just one of the most amazing and beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Looking forward to getting back when all this … is over!

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