From Editing Photos to Editing Videos : My Journey!

When I joined this community, I was totally lost & confused about how massive this community was & how it is the best community for aviation enthusiasts! Hence, to be one of them, I started to fly, joined Virtual Airlines & started capturing screenshots and posted on the forum. Now, it is the first time ever that I have made a video & I am soo excited about it… It might not be that good, but hey it’s the beginning & I am learning.

Enjoy the video & your feedback will be much appreciated!

Thank you @AirIndiaVirtual2 as always… It’s the first VA I have ever joined & it proved to be the best airline, undoubtedly.

Thank you, Much Love & Peace ✌️♥️


I loved the video!
Music choice and route choice was great!
one thing i didnt like was the font
That is just my opinion


Thank you sir! 😁

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Very cool video! I liked the transitions a lot, but the video was a bit too long for me…
The cruising could be a time-lapse for example. But basically a good video!

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Yeah i didn’t knew how to time-lapse the clip! But anyways, glad you liked the transitions… That’s where i was concerned more. ☺️

You´re welcome! Wich programm did you use @Mafiaviation ?

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VSDC Video Editor! @MaxicoAirways

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Love it :)

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Appreciate it! ☺️

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