From Dull Skies to Sunshine

From Dull Skies to Sunshine ☀️

During the Australiasian Flyout, I flew the 2 hour leg from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast, in the Jetstar A320. The weather in Melbourne was quite rough and turbulent, which made for an interesting departure. The views on descent were stunning, and if you want an interesting route to fly I definitely recommend this one.

@LachyRobertson Climbing into the Turbulence, as I hold short of Runway 27

The First Officer’s View of the Mighty A380 coming in to land

Climbing into the rough conditions, as the A380 makes it way to Terminal 2

Another Qantas A380 rotates on Runway 34, as a Cathay Pacific 777-300ER makes it way to the Runway threshold.

After this stage, the flight was pretty uneventful. The next pictures all all during descent.

Descending through FL280 over the Gold Coast

Passing over the ocean between Brisbane and Moreton Island

Turning onto Final as we pass Mount Coolum

Greasing The landing on the very short runway

Parked at the Gate

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Ignore Option 10, for Some Reason I can’t remove it 🙂


#6 extremely beautiful

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Nice photos! (I was that Cathay Pacific 😀)

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Nicely documented! No 2 gets my vote 🙂

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Thanks everyone!

Great pictures. Your title really is the case here in Kuala Lumpur. Haze is crazy and we only have a visibility of 500m or so.

Beautiful pictures @Kacey! I love number 6! Keep it up!

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The 4th picture is so zoomed in that it looks like you had a near miss with the rotating A380

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no.2 nice!

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Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

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