From Denver to Munich

Hello IFC! It has been a very long time since I’ve done one of these, because I have barely any time on my hands. Maybe about a week ago, I wanted to do some flight from North America to Europe. I went through some topics on IFC, and I saw @Will_A 's topic about his best photos of Febuary. One of the photos was about a flight from Munich or Frankfurt to Newark. I went on to trusty flight aware and looked up some Lufthansa flights. I searched and searched and settled on Denver to Munich. The flight time was 9 hours and 2 minutes. Now, enough talk, let’s get to the photos!

Flight Details

Lufthansa 684 Heavy
Airbus A350-900

Lifting off, as we prepare for a trans-Atlantic flight!

Ascending to 35,000 thousand feet, as we leave Denver

Some small mountains as we cruise along

A black and white photo of the sun shining on the cockpit

The sun shining on the A350’s white paint

A very dark arrival to Europe

Descending over Frankfurt

On short final into Munich

A surprising grease as my landings are most of the time, terrible

Parked at the gate in Munich with myself feeling so satisfied.

Thanks for looking! I’ll be sure to post another topic, so don’t worry!😀


Ah shoot the other one didnt upload.

MUNICH 🎉 yeeet ! Nice shots ✈️

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Thank you!

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I really like the way the pictures taken in the night aren’t dark. Overall, nice pictures! 👌

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Thanks! I edited them so you aren’t blind when looking at them.

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Lovely pictures of the fantastic LH A350!

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Thank you! I do agree with you!

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amazin btw


Nice shots! This is a route I should try when I have a chance.

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Love the black and white

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Cool pics!

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Thank you for visiting the best airport in the world :)
Nice pics!

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Looks like a fun flight! Like the photos you took!

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Thanks all!😀

I love the LH A350 livery! Also amazing job for having night photos that aren’t too dark!

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I have never thought of that flight. Really nice pics!

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Really nice shots!

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Thanks everyone! It was really fun!