From Colorado to Bay Area


Today San Francisco is featured on the IFATC schedule so this is a short flight very nice flight

Flight details

Flight time : 2:06
Route : KDEN to KSFO
Aircraft : B772
Server : Expert


Passengers boarding the plane

Cleared for take off as the B772 roars out of Denver

the descend started

Parallel landing

Touchdown at San Francisco

Sorry if the pictures were dark don’t forget if you like what you see you can go follow me on Instagram britishairways001 and vote here how the picture were

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I’m sure those are some great shots…if we could see them 🙃.

A little tip I’d recommend, would be changing the date to catch the full moon, to make the subject a little easier to see


I will update all the photos as I am editing new ones now

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Well did an updated version of the landing


I’m sure realism wasn’t intended on this flight, but if you wanted to fly the B772 from KDEN to KSFO, or any plane for that matter, United would be your livery of choice, as Delta does not fly that route directly. (Southwest, Alaska, and maybe a couple others fly to SFO from DEN as well, just not in the 777.)


Other than that beautiful night time pictures!

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