From “cold” Mexico City to warm Cancun

Hello again! I was watching my replays and I found this interesting one. It was some weeks ago when ATC was present at Mexico and Colombia. I used this beautiful Volaris A319.

As always, a poll is waiting you! Any advice or comments are well received!

Route: MMMX - MMUN
Time: 1h:57
Server: Expert
Flight: Y4204

1• Push back completed in the early morning

2• Taxiing to RWY 05L while an Aeromexico 787 lands on the same runway

3• Blasting off!

4• Taking a glance at two volcanos: Iztaccíhuatl & Popocatépetl

5• Idk if it’s only me, but I love the Volaris tail, it is just colorful!

6• Passing over Progreso before descent

7• Moments before touch down, spotted by locals

8• Parking, with that Swiss 77W taking off in the background!

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Amazing pictures😄


Wow These Pictures… They are Just So Amazing They Left Me Speechless… Wow…

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I’m happy you like them this much!

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mhm :D but how do you make those Pictures look so Good 😢😢 I wanna know so i can make some myself

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It’s really a very cool tail design! Thanks for sharing these cool pictures, especially the ocean one is also very colourful, which is always great!

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Here’s something you may find very useful:

Also, don’t hesitate to PM if you wanna know more tricks!

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Thank You :D

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