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Last weekend I flew a route that I had never flown before in a 767. It was also my first time flying the 767 on the live server. Anyway, I had just flown into Boston from Dublin on the 757 and I was bored and wanted somewhere to fly to so I went onto and looked for a flight from Boston. I decided to fly from Boston to Seattle using the Delta Boeing 767.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Delta Boeing 767
Callsign: D-ONUT
Flight Time: 5HRS 39MINS
Scenery: 10/10

So onto the photos

Here I am loading the cargo, passengers and fuel for this trans-continental flight

Lining up for departure on Runway 4R for a Westerly departure.

V1, Rotate! Up up and away to Seattle with the sun just behind us


Now for the scenic part of the flight, the Rocky Mountains towering below us as we get closer to our destination

And again with Mount Ranier in the distance

Mount Ranier again as we capture the localiser for Runway 16L at KSEA


Final approach on a very calm day on the Pacific North West


Now I did try to land smoothly but um, let’s just say that it didn’t work out like I wanted it to

IF-Operations Report


Here are some of the programs that I used for this flight:

Apps and Programs Used
Infinite Flight Operations (for the report)
Apple Gallery Editor for Editing
Infinite Flight obviously


And finally for a little bonus shot, I will do this with every spotting topic I make.

Bonus Shot


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