From Casual to Training

As the description says, the casual server lets people fly around freely without affecting XP or rank. If a grade one was trying to reach grade two, they would need at least 1,000 XP. If the casual is they only server for Grade 1s and the casual doesn’t affect XP, how does the grade 1 get enough XP to get to grade 2?

When you’re flying on a live server (Casual, Training, or Expert), you’re gaining XP whether you’re doing pattern work or doing a long haul flight from Los Angeles to London.

In the solo mode, XP and hours are not obtained.

Again, if you’re a grade 1 and you’d like to progress to the next grade, a grade 2, you have a few options:

  • Do some patterns to get landings
  • Do some short, medium, and long hauls to get your hours

This means it does not affect xp in a negative way, but you can still obtain xp.

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