From busy Hong Kong to the warm SoCal Skies!

Hi! Welcome to the very fun event with @AmericanVirtual! If you want to get Rick Rolled click HERE If you want to listen to great music click HERE Anyways lets get to it!

Flight Information:

Server: Expert

Flight Time: 11 hours and 55 minutes

Route: VHHH - KLAX

Plane: American 777-300ER

Callsign: AAVA939

Parked at Hong Kong!

Great scenery as I wait for my turn to push back!

Wing View As we start push and start procedures!


Climbing Out!

9 and a half hours later:

The sun comes up over the Pacific Ocean!

On final!


Welcome to LAX!

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Thanks for viewing!


Gorgeous! This was a great event!

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Since you landed on 25L (LAX Realism Police here), you get a massive heart. Great flight and great photos, thanks for sharing!


Thanks a lot :) Bye the way we all landed on 24R and 25L.

They use runways 6 and 7 sometimes as well


Also the reason the first image is really first sunrise because I was literally on the ground for a hour and a half.

Wait a minute. I can add one more pic!

Amazing pics!

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Thanks a lot :3

Amazing photos!

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thanks a lot :3

Great photos, it was definitely an enjoyable event.

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Thanks! :)

I looked at this picture for a good minute thinking that the 777 next to you was a 767 because the tail of the other aircraft made it look like it had winglets. One minute that only caused confusion and skepticism. One minute that I will never get back.
Stupid Coronavirus. It making me go insane.
Great pictures anyway!

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Lol! I see what made you be confused.

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