From Burbank to The Bay and Back to Hollywood at Sunset

Last night I flew from Burbank to San Francisco and back to Burbank in the Desert Gold Southwest 737. Burbank to San Francisco took 45 minutes and San Francisco to Burbank took 48 minutes so the total flight time was 1 hour 13 minutes. The sky was bright and blue when I left Burbank, but the sun set quickly as we returned to Burbank.

Leaving the clear, blue skies of Burbank Cruising at flight level 360 as we fly over Bakersfield
Descending into the Bay Area The flight deck of the 737-700 on final approach Touching down and taxiing to the gate before we get ready to head back to Burbank at sunset Climbing away from runway 28L and starting our turn toward the south Starting to descend through the hazy deserts and mountains of central California A sun shot at sunset on our downwind leg for runway 8 The approach into Burbank from the East is absolutely stunning as you fly in over the mountains Touchdown on the short runways of Hollywood Burbank

I spent a lot of time trying to make these photos some of my best so please let me know your thoughts!

And happy Thanksgiving to everyone whether you’re from the US or not!


I love the Southwest Desert Gold Livery!!! 🤩

I’ll be honest, these are probably the best 737 screenshots I’ve seen! Shows that you don’t even need a live cockpit to provide an amazing view!


Nice Photos! Loved the last one!

was it butter?

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Thanks a lot! I think the desert gold livery is nice, but I’m not a fan of the black paint in front of the cockpit windows

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Thanks! Neither of the 2 landings were very smooth but I’m still getting used to not using the HUD so getting the plane on the ground at Burbank with the short runway was a win for me

Very great pictures
Can’t even say wich one I like the most

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Some great photos! Keep it up!

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Thanks! I hope you like them all 😉

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Sunset on final with the mountains is my favorite! Although all you pictures look great

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Thanks so much!

Nice pictures 😍

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Good photos:)

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Thanks! It was my first time flying into and out of Burbank and the mountains really surprised me

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Did you make that immediate turn at bob hope? 😆

Hopefully you fly Burbank to San Jose next time

It’s also in the Bay and Southwest is bigger there

Thank you :)!

Was there a turn I was supposed to do on approach that missed, or something else?

Taking off of bob hope there’s a immediate turn you have to do

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Yeah I actually flew straight out for a little to fly over the mountains, good to know for next time, thanks!

No problem.

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