From Bulgaria’s Glistening Capital to the Legendary Island of Skiathos

Today I decided to fly one of Bulgaria Air Charter’s many MD-82s subbed out as a Boeing 717. I flew south from Sofia, over North Macedonia, before flying over Thessaloniki and arriving into the amazing island of Skiathos. With it’s short runway and close proximity to a beach, Skiathos Airport is famed for being a Mecca for spotters and plane enthusiasts alike. I had never flown into here previously so I decided to finally make the journey from the hometown of my friend @AviatorAlex. This was definitely a very interesting flight.

Flight Information
Callsign: Bulgaria Air Charter (BUC) 536
Route: Sofia Airport (LBSF) - Skiathos Airport (LGSK)
Aircraft: Boeing 717
Flight Time: 50 Minutes
Onboard Meal: Kebabche with a shot of Rakia
Onboard Entertainment : the music video of Sen Trope by AZIS
(sorry for the Balkan inside jokes)


Rocketing out of Sofia under the Golden Sunrise

Beginning Our Turn Towards the South

Cruising over the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, Greece

Turning Final at the Legendary Airport of Skiathos

Semi-Buttering the Landing at Skiathos

POV of the Flight Attendant who totally knows how to speak English

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this topic and today’s PSA is go explore the Balkan’s some more. I promise, my home region will not disappoint!


Nice shots you got there! I loved the Balkan inside jokes more than the pics tbh ;)

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Beautiful pictures!


Gotta Love that flight Also Ryanair Literally did nothing wrong why the hate of it again?

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