From Buckingham Palace to the Empire State

Sup IFC! Here are some cool photos of my flight from London to New York! I want to shout out the controllers at Heathrow for their great work, as well as the controller at Center for helping me complete the first part of my journey safely! With all that being said, here are the photos!

Flight info:
Server: Expert
Time: 1300Z

1.) Spawned in at Heathrow’s T5 next to a departing BA 77W

2.) RIP Queen of the Skies! (Different 77W I think)

3.) Departed from the gate, starting up the engines!

4.) Lifting off from RWY 09R for the 8hr flight to JFK

5.) Turning west over London

6.) Flying over Ireland 🇮🇪

7.) Moonshot over the North Atlantic

8.) After many hours, we begin the descent into NYC

9.) On short final RWY 31R at JFK

10.) After a rather bumpy (almost tailstriked landing), this 77W has arrived at Terminal 8 at JFK

I hope you all liked the photos! As always, I am more than welcome to take some feedback! Happy flying!

(Note: Photos from my Guam-Honolulu trip are coming soon! Stay tuned!)


Awesome photos!

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Thank you!

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