From Brussels to a GA airport in West Virginia?

Today I decided it would be cool if I took off from somewhere in Europe (I took off from Brussels), flew toward the US, and started my descent and land at an airport when I woke up. When I woke up we were flying over West Virginia and ended up having a beautiful approach Into KBLF. BLF is Mercer County airport, the airport does allow Jets so my Cessna Citation fit right in

I know this is a weird post, so let me know what you think!


Awesome! Great sunrise! (or set)

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Great photos, like the scenery!

@Alphadog4646, normally, more than 20 hours is fine. I’ve done it, and many others have too. It doesn’t have to be exactly 24 hours. But 9 hours is too short of a time.

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Just after sunrise, thanks!

Sorry about that, I thought it just meant per day and I’ve seen plenty of other people do this since the posts are so different in the type of photos :)

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What was your flight time? I am looking to fly with the Cessna, but I thought it wouldn’t support trans-atlantic flights. So now I am cruising in my BBJ everywhere, but I would prefer to fly in a real Private jet, not an airliner.

Wow @Alphadog4646 we got some police here lol. I think that rule is more to prevent people from posting stuff every hour. Let’s keep it fun on the community here.
Thank you very much

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My flight time was 7 hours 44 minutes flying at Mach .92 and I believe I still had 1:30-2 hours left of fuel and the engines were working pretty hard with the big crosswinds the whole time

Oh, that is enoh for me! In the fuel tab it says you can only fly 5 hours with it, or something like that I believe.

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