From British Columbia to the Beautiful Bay // CYVR-KSFO

Vancouver 🇨🇦 (CYVR) to San Francisco 🇺🇸 (KSFO)

Hello all! Recently I did a flight from Vancouver, BC, Canada 🇨🇦 to San Francisco, CA, USA 🇺🇸. This was a very enjoyable, scenic route that I flew and recommend it to those that are searching for good routes. Anyway, stay safe, wear your mask, and enjoy the photos!


Date: 2/8/21
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1:52
Aircraft: CRJ-900
Airline: Air Canada
Callsign: Jazz 8844

Boarding passengers at the gate preparing for pushback

Lining up on runway 08R for takeoff

Climbing out of Vancouver and departing Canada🇨🇦

Making our turn South toward the Bay Area as we leave Canadian airspace

Flying past Mt. Rainier at our cruising altitude of 39,000 feet

On ILS approach for runway 28L at San Francisco International Airport

On final approach from the cockpit with a decent view of the sun sinking behind the horizon

Final approach from the ground

Safely and smoothly touching down in San Francisco

Parking and deplaning our aircraft while watching the sunlight fade away. Welcome to America🇺🇸 !

Appreciate you for viewing my photos!


Seems like the landing was butter!
I cannot land smoothly with CRJ’s don’t know why…

But amazing photos indeed 😍😍

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Nice shots! SFO is the best!

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@Mukundan_Srivatsa yes indeed it is.

@Mafiaviation Thank you! All it takes is practice!


Wow, great shots, especially those landing shots! I’m currently flying this route right now and it it definitely is a nice scenic route!

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Thank you! This is one of my favorite west coast routes! The Pacific NW scenery is beautiful.

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#CRJ-900 🇨🇦

Nice shots @KSS

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Planes with only one landing gear on each side such as the CRJ, 737, A320, Q400, they are always hard to land. Like you could butter a plane thats engines are as big as the whole 737 fuselage (if you didn’t know, the 777’s ge90 engines are as big as the 737 fuselage) probably 100x better.
But before I go off topic, these are some very nice pics!


Its probably also because of the gear tilt that makes the landings look smoothly

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Yup thats my point exactly
Thats why I’m even more excited for the A330, arguably the best butter machine ever

This quote is literally everywhere now! 😂😂
I have heard this like in every articles & videos…

Yeah that’s true it’s hard to better planes with single landing on each side.

Some awesome screenshot’s right there! 💛🍪

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Well done @KSS 😍

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@Zachary_Naponic Thank you!

@Udeme_Ekpo Appreciate it, thank you!

@Gliding_Central Thank you! Glad you liked them.

@Ahmed1 Thank you very much.

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