From Berlin’s new airport to a breathtaking approach in the heart of the Alps!

Well hello everyone! 👋

A few weeks ago the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport opened it’s doors and it was fully staffed by our fellow IFATC controllers. I wanted to do a flight, but not any flight. I wanted it to be a special one to commemorate the opening of the airport and I decided to do a corporate flight to one of my favorite airports: Sion. Sion has a simply breathtaking approach as you wind your way through the valley in order to land. Sion is also known for having one of the steepest approaches in the world with a 6° descent angle. However this time I wanted to do the less dramatic RNAV approach which goes through the entire valley.
I flew with Infinite Flight CRJ-200 and flight time was 1 hour and 44 minutes cruising at 34000ft. Also, I did some light editing to the photos so I if you have tips on how I could make them even better feel free to comment below 👇.

Rotating off the runway with @DeerCrusher in the background with the AirBerlin Dash-8 👋.

As we fly towards the west we get a great view of Berlin’s 3 airports, Brandenburg, Tempelhof, and Tegel. (Tempelhof and Tegel are closed)

Stuttgart, Germany 🇩🇪

Basel, home to our very much loved moderator, @Marc! 🇨🇭

Overflying Sion and the valley as we prepare to approach!

Banking right over the Mittelhorn Summit! 🏔

Approaching as we wind our way through the Rhône Valley!

Established on final approach!


Parked at the stand as our passengers deplane and head to the mountains!

Welp, thanks for reading everyone and see you soon for another post!

PS: It’s my birthday today! 🎂


This seems harder but similar to Innsbruh

Very nice photos! Looks like a beautiful approach.

Happy Birthday, too!

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Good one xD

@tunamkol Love the photos and a interesting flight route also


@Philippe_Gilbert love the pics and Happy B-DAY

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Alps look cool in every game as well as in real life 🙆🏻‍♀️

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This is a really cool route and your pictures how that extremely well. Berlin, Stuttgart and Basel looks stunning, but the pro ach to Sion is just breathtaking. Flew it once in IF and it definitely easily gets challenging, but it’s huge fun as well in my opinion. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing!

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