From bays to Volcanoes

**Yesterday I felt like flying so I flew up the west coast **

**Aircraft. 737-900er
Livery. Alaska 2019
Server. Training
Flight time. 1H 55min
Cruising Alt. FL350-370 **

**3) Waiting at the gate for my flight I caught this photo of a plane taking off into the sunrise

Rrrrrrrotate’ time!

Climbing over Silicon Valley

Cruising near my Shasta (thank god it didn’t release one of its infamous updrafts)

The three sisters, mt hood, and mt St. Helens I believe in one picture

Descending past Mt Rainer

Right downwind

50,40,30,20,10…ReTaRd (I know bad joke)

Disembarking after a bumpy flight

Which on is you’re favorite?

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You earned my seal of approval for flying Alaska Airlines.

Great photos!

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Thanks I’ve flown them irl as well, amazing airline

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That’s a Boeing. It has no such call out…


The Airbus is helping you, not making fun of you.

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Near tailstrike…

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Not a good joke at all, but nice photos!

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The joke did rob you of a few brain cells it seems.

No 7 is the one here!

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Thanks I like that one aswell

Really nice photos gonna ignore the joke
Next time switch up your camera views, like maybe put the scenic view to get some good shots or even set up your drone camera for your landing

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Love them!!!

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ill make sure to do that next time, thanks for the feedback.


No problem, it isn’t a requirement but your screenshots will look much better

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thats the goal.

Thats why I gave you the tip

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i know, also i wont try any jokes on my next thread.

Oh that, that was just a joke as well, idm it

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2 new threads will come next weekend.