From Australia to California in Pictures

G’day everyone! Today I flew the hop across the pacific from Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles, California! I love this route as it departs from my home city and used to be operated by Qantas’ 744 until recently when they changed it to the B789. I took some screenshots across the whole flight and decided it was perfect to create my first screenshot thread. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Flight Information
Server: Expert
Time: Midday - Sunset
Route: YBBN - KLAX

Here are the photos! (The last couple photos are taken at night so might be hard to see)
Parked at Brisbane International

Flying over Fiji! Watching the sun set from the left wing First views of the California Coastline Touchdown rewarded with applause from the passengers Parked at the gate opposite an Atlas Air 744
Hope you enjoyed!


You have some pretty nice shots there. Seeing your pics reminds me of how much I wish all the planes had interior lighting (cockpit and fuselage). Anyway, happy flying!

P.S. I’m currently about 1300 nm from Sydney in a Qantas A380-800, G’day!