From Atlanta to San Jose del Cabo

Flight from Atlanta, Georgia (USA) to San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur (Mexico).

Flight: Delta Airlines 1815
Aircraft/Equipment: Boeing 737-900 (B739)
Server: Expert
Takeoff time: 1452 (Zulu time)
Arrival time: 1910 (Zulu time)


Takeoff from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Runway 26L

On a cruise flight. FL300 and FL320

Entering Mexico, FL340

Landing in San Jose del Cabo, runway 34


Great pictures! I love Delta! (The first picture didn’t download properly)

@Haige0224 Yes, the first image was not actually downloaded. This is my first post, I’ll do better next time!!;)

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Good luck in your next one!!!

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