From Amsterdam to Rome on a KLM 738

After a red-eye flight on the queen from JFK-AMS, it’s time to head to Rome.

My flight today is on a KLM 737-800 PH-BXI

As we taxi for departure, I spot a nice KLM A330 and a BA A320

Waiting for takeoff next to PH-EZO, a KLM E190.

After smooth morning departure, it’s time to cloud surf!

Some photos from the descent:

And finally: An Alitalia A321 and E-170

Anyways, this flight was really great. Nice flight attendants, great views, and an enjoyable experience.


Beautiful Pictures. I really hope you enjoyed your flight, as it looked to be amazing from the photos. But one thing to remember is the 10 picture per topic rule, and you have 14, so 4 of them has to say good bye.

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The images look great!

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Oh - I thought that was for #screenshots-and-videos… I’ll change that now.

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No worries, and it applies to all categories as far as I’m concerned :)

Also if you’d like to, then I’d (as well as many others on IFC) be happy to hear more about your journey, how the service was, the meal served and overall experience would be very nice to hear about ✨

10 photos now.

I don’t have any photos of the interior experience but I will try to recall.
we booked business class, but apparently in Europe that means they replace the middle seat with a cupholder and tray.
Mid flights, the flight attendants were always ready to serve drinks. Additionally, Smoked salmon with yogurt and fruit was served. I really wish I had photos. :(

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That’s okay. Well Smoked Salmon sounds yummy, and European Business Class… well depends on aircraft, route and airline but I do get what you mean, I’ve seen a few Business Classes that could’ve been re-arranged and made looking better and more spacious still accommodating the same amount of seats.

Sounds like the journey was great, have a great time in Italy. The weather hopefully will be good in the coming days for your stay there… (I have no clue what the forecast is like in Southern Europe right now XD)

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Yeah, the business seats were the same on the way back from Venice to Paris on AirFrance.
I’m already back from Italy, but realized I forgot to post from the 3 other flights I went on.
Thanks for the kind words!

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Nice! I love these. Especially pic 6 & 7

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Wow great pics. Must have been quite a scenic route

The new livery on the 738 looks rlly good on it


Wow! Looks nice, we’re you in buisness on your BA flight too? I tend to avoid them, but might give them a chance. However in my honest opinion there are better buisness class products across the pond.

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I didn’t fly BA on this trip :(
However, I flew an AF A319 and the business was great. Got a meal and the same seating deal as KLM. A row of 3 with an open seat in the middle.

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Oh my bad, I read queen, and JFK and I just assumed a 744 which would mean BA. Anyways, that’s interesting I genuinely hate European business class, however it’s much better than economy so I’ll take it! Safe travels!

European business class for medium and short haul is not the best.
The queen link is to my flight report on a KLM-747. Long haul European business is nice!

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Nice! Would love to fly the queen soon before there all gone, your lucky!

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