From America's Last Frontier to Sin City

Hey y’all! Yesterday I participated in @anon38496261’s PANC event, which on the second wave I took the Allegiant A320 down to Las Vegas! It was a great flight with a shaky finale, including a missed approach and 2 go arounds! Overall it was a really fun flight despite my horrid piloting skills in the end.

A packed Concourse B at PANC for the flyout

Gear up!

Saying one final goodbye to Anchorage

As we pass south of 60 degrees North, the beautiful South Alaskan mountains finally come into view!

Cruising over the beautiful Vancouver Island at FL330

In a heartbeat, we begin a very unique and difficult approach onto Runway 08L at KLAS, which is hardly ever used for landings there due to these beautiful mountains to the west of the runway.

After a tedious visual approach I messed up the runway intercept and it’s back to the drawing board!

1 of the 2 go arounds I had, excluding my missed approach

Finally touching down on the opposite runway (Winds pulled a 180 on me), though the landing was far from pretty…

Parked at gate A20 with the final bits of sunlight leaving for the night

Which photo was your favorite? Let me know how I did, this is my first time posting my photos!

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Cool shots!

But Allegiant… really 😂


Hey I like the livery 😂


Liked being in the first photo (I was the Icelandair 757)


How was your trip over the north pole?

Went Perfectly fine although the 757 feels weird to fly


Yeah, I will never be happier than when the 757 rework comes out. Such a beautiful plane with extremely outdated physics in Infinite Flight.

*a packed Concourse B at PANC

Also if you’re out there and you parked the Alaska 739 at that concourse, I’m having a slight migraine at the moment.

Jokes aside, these are lovely! Thanks for coming to the event!!


Whoopsie! Fixed it already

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Lol you didn’t have to but thanks lol


Two go around sounds fun. Oddly enough, last time I flew the Allegiant A320, I did two go around a as well! Ironic, am I right? I was landing at night using instruments and I had trouble keeping centerline for some reason. Also floating.


Remember to add in the missed approach where I almost died as well

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You got some nice photos there! Please continue to post photos of your future flights!

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Thanks man!