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Hello dear community, I have a question about the individual signs for the airports-landing sites. There are a different signs but what is what that is the question. Does anyone know what each character means?

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Blue = airport has air traffic controllers in real life
Purple = airport has no Air Traffic Controllers (Unicom) in real life*

*airport may have approach frequency though

If you’re also wondering about what the dots inside the icon mean, read up here:


And what does the green or red point mean?

It identifies the weather at the airport. Green means good weather, and red means bad weather.

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Also, that green dot means that there is weather service at that airport and the weather is fit for flying. If you see a red dot it means that the airport should be closed due to weather. No dot signifies that there is no weather at that airport.


Easy, good and fast answer not in feeled 1000 sentences! Thank you :)!


Of course, anything I can do to help. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me. :)

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This might help:

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