From Africa To An Island

Today I flew on expert from Johannesburg to FIMP. It was great with a time of 3:26

At the gate with a couple of other planes.


Bye, bye Africa

Over Madagascar 🇲🇬

Descending into FIMP

Very nice turn base

On Final

Absolutely butterd it


At the gate

It was a great flight! I loved the route, very beautiful. I would recommend it!

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Hey nice photos there! you have to put these in #screenshots-and-videos tho

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Thanks @Drummer thought I put it as #screenshots-and-videos but thxs

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No worries mate. Great photos!

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Sorry, I thought I did but it did not register

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Thank you!

Love the pics! Didn’t get to fly into Mauritius today personally, but I’ll take your word that it’s a good flight and try it myself soon. Keep the posts coming!


My favorite was the base. The scenery of FIMP is immaculate

Thanks @Shane

@Drummer yes agreed


Out of likes, but lovely topic!

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Thank you!

Great photos! Unfortunately I couldn’t fly into Mauritius today, but I’ll have to try it sometime soon!

Yes, thanks, and happy birthday

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Thank you!

You are welcome

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First off How? did you know?

Second Hello to you too

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Okay thanks

I flew over the EXACT same scenery like in picture 3, 3 days ago when flying from Singapore to Johannesburg!

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