From a warm Doha morning to a cool LA afternoon

A few days ago I did a flight that I highly recommend.
Doha-Lax. The flight took me over middle Asia, north pole, Canadian Rockies, and California central valley. It was very beautiful.
Flight info:
Departure airport: Doha Hamad
Arrival airport: Los Angels LAX
Arline: Qatar Airways
Aircraft: 777 200lr
Callsign: Qatari 739 heavy
Flight time: 15hrs 06mins
Depart time: 8:11am
Arrive time: 1:17pm
Server: expert
Now onto the photos…

Lifting out of Doha and turning north

Looking out over Iran as we trek north toward the north pole

Getting a nice view of the Aral sea as we cross into Kazakhstan

Flying over Siberia as the sky starts to darken

Flying over the north pole while watching the sun get its lowest throughout the flight

Crossing the 13hr flightime mark as we fly over the Canadian Rockies

Cruising over Vancouver in the morning

Cruising over Sacramento as we enter the final hour of the flight

Descending over Santa Barbara as look over the LA basin

On a windy short final on 24R as our flight ends

I highly recommend this flight for anyone who has 15 1/2hrs for spare time. Beautiful scenery and a good flight to gain xp. Thank you for looking at my flight and let me know which picture was your favorite!


Anyone said Qatar Airways? 👀

Anyways great shots man, I love the departure out of Doha. Done it so many times in real life and in the sim, the waters are beautiful. Keep it up.


Thank you very much!

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